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28/05/12 Busy Fortnight

Over the last couple of weeks I've been extremely busy with the aviation side of things. From shooting a Christen Eagle II stunt plane in Wales, to a tour of the UK's "Fighter Town" - RAF Coningsby, to chasing USAF Pavehawks up the 1000ft peaks of Snowdonia and a few low level trips inbetween. Fortunately we've been blessed with stunning warm weather and I hope I've made the most of it!



09/05/12 Northolt Nightshoot

Last Wednesday I attended my first "nightshoot" at RAF Northolt near London. Unfortunately the weather didn't hold out long enough and it started to drizzle. Needless to say it was still a very enjoyable event for a worthy cause. Photos can be found in the Aviation Gallery.



My New Website

Welcome to my first website. Here you'll be able to shop, ask, talk, view and read! I'll try to update this blog section with news of new images, where I've been and my reviews of any new kit I get hold of. Comments regarding the site and it's content would be most appreciated, so I look forward to hearing from you! Dave

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