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04/06/13 Part 1: An Eagle in the Elan Valley

A new job means a lot less days off so days out have become few and far between. Fortunately a good friend had set up a small, early morning aerobatic display in a remote yet beautiful part of mid-Wales known as the Elan Valley. The aircraft was a Christen Eagle II aerobatic plane capable of high "g' manoeuvre, smoke trails and barrel rolls. 

The display was due to start at 7:30 in the morning above one of the huge dams and reservoirs that hold Birmingham's water supply. The mid-morning silence was interrupted by the sound of the single propeller bi-plane G-KLAW making an appearence at 2000ft and descending into the valley for a sighting pass.




After some already great passes, the smoke system came into life with white smoke billowing out the back of the aircraft as he performed roll after roll. The white smoke against the deep blue water of the reservoir provided great contrast.




After some awesome "water-locked" passes we were treated with a couple of head on flyby's before G-KLAW departed the area for a refuel at Shobdon before returning to her base in the Midlands and what a couple of flyby's they were!