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25/04/13 Fairy Pools

A couple of hours at my favourite waterfalls in the UK produced some pretty dynamic images. Due to the huge, thick bank of cloud that was hiding the Cuillins meant I could effectively shoot into the sun the light was that flat to begin with.





The tricky lighting conditions were over come by using my trusty LEE 0.6 graduated filter to balance the difference in exposure between the sky and the dark rocky foregrounds. The dark gradient of the filter also added to the moodiness of the Cuillin mountains by darkening the scree and enhancing the low level cloud base. 


20/02/13 Cornwall

A trip that started off as an aviation trip to catch the USAF HH-60G Pave Hawks from the 56th RQS turned into a bit of a landscape trip after photogrpahing them off the cliffs of Cornwall, albeit to far away. At the end of the day, the walk back to the car took us past Gunwalloe Cove as the Winter sun was setting. Seeing the light unfold, a few of us decided to hang on for sunset.




The rocks turned golden and then the sky went pink. A true Winter sunset was unfolding infront of us in this beautiful part of the World. We had the beach to ourselves and with nobody to get in the way of the camera could explore this dramatic cove with its towering, jagged rock formations that stretched out into the sea. 




It was great to do some more landscapes in Cornwall, even it wasn't the primary objective for the trip down there. The downside is the sheer distance I'll have to travel to visit this beautiful place again!


30/12/12 Gloomy Glen Etive

Like last year, me and the other half were spending the New Year break away in Scotland with a couple of days in the snowy highlands before heading to Edinburgh for the Hogmanay celebrations. As I don't get up to these parts very often it's always nice to get out with the camera as much as possible. I tried to get out with it on Rannoch Moor, visually it was perfect. Pools frozen solid, icy grass and wild deer running across the landscape and nobody else around. There was good reason. The wind was horrendous. 70 mile an hour winds across the moor. Not even the deer were hanging around. Another trip where the weather was beating me it seemed.



I tried to photograph the famous Buachaille Etive Mor with the waterfall but it was snowing, cloudy, and at one stage down right dangerous. The road heading into Glen Etive looked impassible in a little city car but I battled through it and then as it descended into the Glen the snow thinned out and the roads cleared, to the point there was no snow on the low mountainsides and as the river was in full flow we decided it'd be a good idea to stop here. Foreground interest was provided by this circular feature in the rock and the sky was held back with a 0.6 LEE Hard Grad postitoned so the graduated part of the filter overlapped the mountainside and the sky to stop the highlights in the snow from being blown out. The eagle-eyed reader might recognise this location from the latest Jame Bond film, Skyfall!


04/12/12 Southerndown

Realising aircraft were taking over my photography I headed out in search of some landscapes and I've wanted to go back to this place as I've never had much time to photograph it when I have been here. The sun has either disappeared or the heavens have opened. Upon arrival the sun was out, there were some low clouds in the sky which gave it a great the images great detail and interest. The cliffs that run either side of the beach are built up like brickwork at a quick glance.



Unfortunately, as fast as the sun was setting, the clouds were coming in. You can actually see the North coast of Devon from Southerndown and you could see how hard it was raining over there. Was I going to get a full evenings photography in here? Sadly it wasn't to be and I made a dash for the car as the light went completely flat and horizontal rain arrived. Before that though there was just time to capture the suns last appearance between the parted clouds.



25/07/12 Sunrise at St Michaels Mount

This place is to Cornwall as is what the Houses of Parliament is to London. Iconic. People instantly know where it is with no introduction needed. We had limited time in Cornwall but really wanted to get some interesting shots of this location as it'd be a while until we return. The plan was to head over here after finishing up at Sennen but the tide was still too far in. Sunrise came and showed the full extent of the situation of the tide, it'd gone all the way out unfortunately but nevertheless this was the only chance to get some shots in interesting light. After starting out on some slippy rocks, a Dutch man joined me and before long the sunlight was appearing over the tops of the Cornish moors and casting a golden colour over St Michaels Mount.



Soon a major problem occurred, whilst both me and the Dutch man had been busy photographing we had paid no attention to the tide that had been edging further and further inland and we were no completely cutoff from the beach and causeway by a foot of water. So with jeans rolled up, camera bag on, boots in one hand and tripod in the other I waded knee deep through the cold sea water to the causeway, just in time for the foreground to explode with a burst of golden tones from the sun that had just lifted above the moors.



It was great to discover somewhere which I've never visited yet have always wanted to and I know that it won't be too long before I'm back exploring the rocky cliffs and rugged coastline.