I'm an avid Nikon shooter and used my trusty Nikon D80 for just over 5 years. It had a 10 mega pixel sensor gave crisp, sharp images in any environment and the images looked great on a computer screen or by way of a large framed print on the wall. Since waiting for a D400 to be released and getting tired of wating I opted for the Nikon D7100. Couple this with my Nikon 70-200mm 2.8 and 300mm means most aviation subjects are covered with easy reach and with excellent quality. Also in the bag is a Sigma 10-20mm for my landscapes and a 50mm 1.8 prime lens for any portraits or low light conditions.



 Also in the bag I carry my LEE filters around. LEE are possibly the market leaders when it comes to photographic filters as they're of such a high quality and barely leave any major colour cast. These filters prove invaluable when shooting landscapes. Whether it be waterfalls, mountain vistas or seascapes, they help hold the difference in exposure between the sky and the subject and increase the exposure time in order to get those milky waterfalls.




 With the filters attached to the lens and the remote shutter release attached to the camera, all that's left to help get that perfect shot is a sturdy tripod. I use a Slik Tripod. It offered a lightweight yet stable solution and packed down to a small size to fit on the back of my bag when out in the mountains. With camera equipment, accessories and filters galore I need somewhere to keep them altogether in one safe place whether it be at home or out on location. I use a Lowepro Vertex 200 AW rucksack to provide such a place. It has ample room to keep all of my kit in, a days worth of food and water, clips for the tripod on the back, space for a small laptop or netbook and a very tough rain cover for when the heavens open.